Digital Media Production/ Marketing

Mike Bean

Bean Media Productions

Mike Bean is the owner and director of Bean Media Productions. Mike specializes in assisting his clients and partners in business in enhancing their organization’s presence visually through digital media tools. Mike produces high quality marketing and instructional videos to convey a direct, specific, concise message to your potential consumers and clients. Mike will guide you through the entire video production process and make sure he is producing a video that will both heighten your image visually and stand as piece of marketing that you can be proud of.

Bean Media Productions produces video for the web, television and DVD to assist your organization. No matter what your organization needs, in addition to video production Mike and Bean Media can assist in all your digital media, web design, graphic design, even print media. It’s said that a picture is worth on thousand words, at Bean Media Productions video is worth a billion!

Phone: 716.898.8074