Bill Knoche, the “No BS Sales Coach”

Bill Knoche

Sales Coach, Buffalo NY

Bill Knoche is no BS sales guy… He’s a contrarian. He likes the business of selling and he loves people. He learns the old-fashioned way, by trying new things, listening for what works, what opens people up and what shuts them down. There are a lot of things that salespeople have been told to say when using the phone that actually drives up buyer resistance.

Bill believes that the key to becoming a great sales person has far more to do with being a great listener than it has to do with being a great talker. Most sales people don’t spend a lot of time listening… and just because they aren’t talking doesn’t mean that they are listening. In most cases when a sales person isn’t talking, he’s not listening, he’s simply thinking about what he’s going to say when the buyer stops talking.

It’s important to understand that buyers must know beyond the question of a doubt that they have said what they need to say so you understand what they want to buy. When salespeople are poor listeners, people are not inclined to take action and buy.

Stand-Up Selling isn’t about talking more, it’s listening more and talking less, effective communication. Bill will help you understand that the real Selling is in silence… the space between the words and in the tonality and pace in which the words are delivered. Tonality is the guidance system that delivers the words to the target.

Bill Knoche
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