Customized Telecommunications Solutions


Network Task Group

The Company roots date back to 1999, where managing partners, Duncan Smith and Chris Fallon both with extensive background of 25 plus years of engineering, formed a technology company that has always been at the forefront of new and innovated ways to deliver products and services to new and existing clients which include IP based Telephone Systems, Local-Long Distance and High Speed Internet Services, full time monitoring and Wide and Local Area Network services.

Al is Responsible for planning and directing all aspects of Network Task Group’s business development policies, objectives and initiatives including the management of all internal and external corporate marketing strategies, communications and public relations activities. Al initiates new business opportunities and contracts with new clients as well as maintains and builds relationships with his existing clients. Al has over 25 years of experience working in sales, marketing and business development and he has successfully helped hundred’s of business owners develop and build their company operations throughout New York State and beyond. Al is an experienced, seasoned professional with a solid reputation in both the private and commercial business sectors of the Telecommunication industry. He Manages and directs two Account Executives which also initiate new business opportunities and contract with new clients.

Phone: 716.608.2059